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hi I'm Ana

Transform your mind and body.  You’re only one workout away from feeling great.  Let’s knock out your goals together. 

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Body. Mind. Wellness.

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Boxing. Martial Arts. Mindset.

about me

hello I'm Ana Julaton

Known as the 1st Female WBO Super Bantamweight World Champion to becoming a 3-time World Champion (and the 1st Filipina world boxing champion when she won the IBA World title), and being recognized by the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame ‘for being the only (and 1st) elite athlete competing at highest levels of both boxing and MMA.’

Ana dedicated her athletic career by simply working with the gifts she is given and found success in the world of combat sports.  After hanging up the gloves, Ana devotes her time in perpetuating the arts with others to achieve their fitness and competition goals.

3x World Champion
Circuit Training
Increase Cardio & Strength
Mental Coaching
Achieve Your Goals
mixed martial arts
2 Black Belts
Improve Footwork & Speed
Maintain Balance

3 times

World Champion

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The combative arts have been passed down from personalized training:  boxers get feedback from a coach in the corner during a match or in the gym as martial artists learn the fundamentals to mastery from a Sensei (teacher)

Challenge yourself and build a stronger, leaner, focused YOU.  My methods have been time tested and passed on to me from hall of famed trainers and world champions in both boxing and mixed martial arts.  

Let’s breakdown your goals whether it’s for fitness, learning a new skill, or competition.  Give yourself an edge as we assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on the evolution of you.  

One major advantage that group training has over 1-on-1 training is that you’re surrounded with like minded people who want to achieve the same thing you do.

A group setting brings a combination of peer learning, strategic insight, and positive energy. This setting compliments traditional consulting excellence with a dynamic community, making an immediate impact on training for everyone in attendance.

Seminars are tailored and available:

For individuals of all ages who are just starting, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.  

For coaches or competitive amateur and professional athletes.  

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Achieve your goals faster


how it works

the concept

Get Organized

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

The first step in your training program is assessing your motives and lifestyle.  Then we’ll cover a game plan of achieving your goals.

Time Management

After a plan has been established, it’s about accountability.  

By the end of our first assessment, we’ll create a schedule that’s realistic and manageable.  Then we’ll construct an effective way to communicate throughout the program.

Shape Your Body

Next, we’ll start the clock and you will be ready to sweat, burn your lungs, build muscle, and fill your mind with vision.  

Experience a unique way of transforming your mind and body from a world of combat discipline and witness your goals come to life.  


Personal training

1-on-1 training programs are personalized to your fitness goals with initial and progressive assessments.


GROUP training

Surround yourself with positive people and achieve your goals. Group classes & training seminars available.  


balanced lifestyle

Comprehensive workouts include stretching and recovery techniques. 

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