The Two Styles Collide

As a student of the game, I’m excited about #MayPac.  Anticipating what will happen when the two styles collide.  Thankful to have learned from both Coaches. #worldclass

Here’s a short clip of my mitt work with Freddie and Roger–two completely different styles…Who do you think will come out victorious on May 2nd?  #stylesmakefights

The Sweet Science

Training’s been a GRIND and coach has been “laying down the law” in the gym. It’s been tough and as grumpy as I have been, I can’t complain, it’s been Awesome. Coach has been running me through the old boxing regime I did before I ventured onto MMA, and well, all I have to say is Boxing is Mother F—ing hard. ‪#‎fact‬

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The Hurricane