There’s some crazy Filipinos in here!!!

Our Names are what we carry for the rest of our lives and for years, people have said my name wrong.  The “J” is pronounced as an “H”, hence, “Hoo-La-Ton” or “Hula” & the number “Ten”.  My name is obviously influenced by the 300 plus years of Spanish colonialism in the Philippines & in the U.S., it’s no different.  Because of the English pronunciation, Americans have massacred my name by saying “Jello-ton.” 

Check out Ruby Ibarra’s verse here, I 100% love this part

“But if they mispronounce my name again
I make em take in every single syllable over again
And so never say my name if you thinkin’ you never can
‘Cause my name is a part of me and be something I will defend
So if you cross me, you end in the cross hairs
Crossin’ you out when I’m tossin’ the bars there
Twistin’ they face like they mispronounced names
And I’m tearing them down, I’m not stoppin’ my reign…”

I spent years defending my name and titles around the world. Thank you to all who have taken the time to pronounce my name correctly…it matters. 

For all the next generation of fighters, especially Filipino fighters, who need a fight song, here you go.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below:

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