Fighting With My Family – Top 5 Thoughts

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase: this blog post is not a movie review so if you came here to read one, I’m sorry to disappoint. Instead, this is a reaction, or rather, an act of inspiration I felt after watching Fighting with My Family.

Fighting With My Family – Private Screening Details

Hey everyone! I’ve got some free tickets to share for an advance screening of Fighting With My Family Wednesday February 13th at the Centre 9 in San Francisco! First come first serve tickets, limited supply. Download them here: See you there!

Interview on PRITTY Left Hook with Rhett Butler

During my New York visit to receive The 5th Annual Shadow League Awards, I stopped by PRITTY Left Hook for an interview with my good friend, Rhett Butler, to catch up and talk about my recent retirement, the TSL Awards, boxing, & MMA. Check it out: Photos:

Ruby Ibarra’s “Taking Names”

There’s some crazy Filipinos in here!!! Our Names are what we carry for the rest of our lives and for years, people have said my name wrong.  The “J” is pronounced as an “H”, hence, “Hoo-La-Ton” or “Hula” & the number “Ten”.  My name is obviously influenced by the 300 plus years of Spanish colonialism […]