Fighting With My Family – Top 5 Thoughts

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase: this blog post is not a movie review so if you came here to read one, I’m sorry to disappoint. Instead, this is a reaction, or rather, an act of inspiration I felt after watching Fighting with My Family.

Recover like a Fighter, Achieve Balance

Another week done. Are you still working? Are you resting? Time flies and sometimes it feels like there is just not enough time in a day. When life starts to feel like that, it may be time to “let go” and regroup. Recovery during training camps became a discipline. Beyond the ice baths, nap sessions, […]

A Toast to our Heritage!

Happy Filipino-American History Month (FAHM)!  FAHM was first recognized statewide in California, 2006.   A few years later, Congress passed a resolution in November (2009) to recognize October as FAHM nationwide.   Every year, Filipino communities from coast to coast celebrate its heritage.  I’ve seen major streets of San Francisco and New York close down […]