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“You’re only as good as your basics”

“You’re only as good as your basics.”

In the fight industry, many credit only the fighter for stepping in the ring/cage and performing, and overlook the entire team. From what I learned in the martial arts, a good student reflects a Great teacher. I’m just lucky to have some of the most incredible Coaches who guide and inspire me toward my goals everyday.

In boxing, Coach @reyesboxing would check every single punch, head movement, and footwork, and inspire me to adapt and strive to be better each time. In wrestling/grappling, Coach @rickylundell is unbelievably patient that he’ll teach something that can be applied that day, even if it’s a little detail. These Coaches put so much into the fighting arts with so much effective information, it actually makes my strength and conditioning workouts easy.

Big shoutout to @hybrid.performance, it’s an awesome training facility for fighters and for anyone looking to get in shape & @gormanwrestling for always being there for their athletes. #worldclass Have a great Friday everyone! #lasvegas #vegas #boxing #mma #wmma #wrestling #jiujitsu #grappling #bjj #martialarts #hybridperformance #anajulaton #reyesboxing #lundellmma #fridayfunday #training #fitness #fit #inspire #inspiration

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The Two Styles Collide

As a student of the game, I’m excited about #MayPac.  Anticipating what will happen when the two styles collide.  Thankful to have learned from both Coaches. #worldclass

Here’s a short clip of my mitt work with Freddie and Roger–two completely different styles…Who do you think will come out victorious on May 2nd?  #stylesmakefights