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“This is a Man’s World…”

Being a woman in this era, the era of breakthroughs; where you have the “Robin Roberts“, the “Danica Patricks”, the “Serena Williams“, etc.;  I’m talking about women who STAND OUT.  Women who tear down the “invisible” barriers society separates men and women in.  It’s about getting respect and in boxing, it’s no different. Continue reading “This is a Man’s World…”

“World Champion” means making the World your Home

Enjoying the sites in MeridaBoxing is a mindset.  It’s not for everyone.  Change is inevitable and comfort must be found in ceaseless change.  Being a world champion is no exception:  you must adapt. Continue reading “World Champion” means making the World your Home

Julaton vs Segura

“Hurricane” Julaton breezes past Mexican Segura via decision by Ryan Songolia

Ana Julaton boxingAna Julaton proved that she was the only “Hurricane” in the featherweight division, reducing Yolanda   “Huracan de Yucatan” Segura to a mild breeze and winning a one-sided 10-round decision at the     Polifuncional de la Colonia Francisco Villa Oriente in Kanasin, Yucatán, Mexico. Continue reading Julaton vs Segura