The Sweet Science

Training’s been a GRIND and coach has been “laying down the law” in the gym. It’s been tough and as grumpy as I have been, I can’t complain, it’s been Awesome. Coach has been running me through the old boxing regime I did before I ventured onto MMA, and well, all I have to say is Boxing is Mother F—ing hard. ‪#‎fact‬

There’s so much a fighter can learn from in the sweet science. It teaches so many of the “little things” many overlook in combat. ‪#‎fundamentals‬

And behind every good fighter is a Great coach…big thanks to coach Angelo Reyes who takes the time to watch every little thing I do in shadowboxing, mitt work, heavy bag, double end bag, speed bag, even to the last skip of my jump rope. ‪#‎oldschool‬
Thanks for being there boss. ‪#‎everydamnday‬
(Here’s one of the few photos of us, he’s behind me) ‪#‎wejusttoobusytraining‬

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