Julaton Pro Debut


068LOS ANGELES — Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton, last night won her first pro fight. The fight was an undercard of the Saul Roman- Kassim Ouma tiff promoted by Golden Boy Promotions at the Morongo Casino at Cabazon, California.

Julaton clearly beat a much experienced and a heavier opponent in Rita Valentini.

Earlier, Julaton had to eat and stuff herself to gain enough weight and reach the catch weight agreed upon. On the other hand, Valentini had to lose weight. Julaton came in at 126 lbs and Valentini at 127.5 lbs.

True to form, Julaton did not waste much time in showing what kind of stuff she has. Julaton scored two knockdowns in the fight.

The first knockdown came inside 10 seconds of the 1st round with a gorgeous overhand right. The much experienced Valentini however was able to shake off the cob webs but it took her up to the count of nine to do so.

After the first KD Julaton continued to throw bombs, much to the consternation of Freddie Roach and her other team members. Julaton was trying to end the fight early.

When round 1 ended Roach had to calm down a very excited Julaton and told her to stick to the game plan and throw her body shots and 1-2-3 combinations. Julaton did exactly that all throughout the second and third round, weakening Valentini and winning both rounds convincingly.

AnaVictoryPix[1]Then in the 4th round, a Pacquiao-like left hook to the head put her opponent on the canvas anew. Valentini used the rest of the round holding on to dear life and to Julaton preventing Julaton from throwing more bombs on her.

All three judges scored an identical 40-34, a clue of the domination showed by Julaton over her opponent, Rita Valentini.

Asked after the fight what is next for Julaton, Roach candidly replied: “I want her to fight very soon, next week if possible. She is ready for the next fight.”


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