Team Julaton

Team Julaton: Left to Right: Allan Tremblay, Angelo Reyes, Ana Julaton

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Orion Sports Management is an Ontario, Canada based promotional company known for staging first class boxing events.  Headed by former Canadian Airline executive, Allan Tremblay, Orion Sports is the force behind Ontario’s biggest match ups, from their launch event at the Air Canada Centre (“The Night Of The Hurricane”) to a series of televised events in the Niagara region featuring Joe MesiRazor RuddockEgerton MarcusChad BrissonSteve MolitorMarvin Sonsona, and Ana Julaton.

**Orion Sports Management also helped open the doors for MMA to be allowed by the commission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Allan Tremblay assisted in having the first UFC in Toronto (2011) and has been an advocate for MMA in Ontario.  

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