A day at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, CA

A day at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, CA

The break of summer is upon us and Daly City still boasts an average temperature of 50°F.  Putting on a bathing suit and walking down Linda Mar Beach is the last thing on my mind.  Instead, I’m at a coffee shop, having a sip of my favorite drink, taking a moment to breathe, relax, and gather my focus for the day.  It’s nice to have moments like this to enjoy from time to time.  An average day can feel like 3-days-in-1, a week can feel like a month, and so on.  To STOP, even for a moment, is all I need sometimes to re-energize.

There’s something to be said about the people in the Bay Area; its natural cold weather doesn’t necessarily affect the people’s moods.  I sit in a local coffee shop where there’s a bustle of energy.  Customers waiting in line for their morning treats are reminiscent of families and friends gathering together for a sunny, outdoor activity.  I see  kids running around while their parents are taking photos on their cellphones; I walk past an  elderly couple, who were texting at the same time, share a conversation about how kids nowadays are “trouble makers”;  people of different ethnicity share their native language with each other; individuals grab a personal seat to work on their computer, talk on the phone, sip on a drink, or read the newspaper.  Wait–a newspaper?  They still exist?  “Old school”.  People here remain lively as they consume their daily routines.   It can rain or be downright freezing and people will still go out to jog in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, play a game at the park, or watch a football game at a stadium:  RAIDER NATION.

Ahhh…the distractions of “people-watching”.  It somehow becomes a temporary “escape” from reality.  Until….it’s time to go!

Thanks for checking in everyone.  Just a quick read to wish everyone a great day!

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