Bachi Burger

After I won my first world title, a handful of friends and I went to a nearby Denny’s (it was the only restaurant open at 2 a.m.).  It was a long night, I fought 10 rounds, won the championship belt, dealt with the commission, blah, blah, blah, it was hours later–I was STARVING!  I ordered a classic bacon cheeseburger and it felt like heaven (I know, right?  Denny’s…I’ve come a long way).  Since then, hamburgers became a way of life.

Kiki's Burger

Kiki’s Burger

As of late, I found Bachi Burger–a MUST for any burger fan!  Their burgers have all the elements of a hearty, juicy burger but adds an Asian twist  and a hint of European flavors.  Mmmm…it’s so yummy!

My first attempt was the Kiki’s Burger, mainly because it had my favorites–caramelized bacon, 3 different types of mushrooms (shiitake, enoki, eryngii), and gruyere cheese–for a convenient amount (at least IMHO) of $11.  It was a hit!  Loved the freshly baked bun, crisp ingredients, and condensed flavors.  With all the savory components beautifully constructed, each bite ended with a sweet aftertaste.  This burger was huge! -but I devoured the whole thing and was left comfortably full.  I didn’t feel like taking a quick nap afterwards or felt guilty of eating too much.  It was just right.  Win!

The fries were crispy and golden and is a nice combination with the pineapple ketchup.  Had the Salted Caramel  Milkshake and I thought it was decent.  I’m biased because my favorite milkshakes are from Burger Bar by Chef Hubert Keller.  Overall, it was a gratifying experience, definitely time well spent.   Well, enjoyable enough for me to come back three times in less than a month.

Check it out if you have a couple hours to spend in Las Vegas:

470 E Windmill Ln #100       9410 W Sahara Ave
(Southeast Las Vegas)           (Summerlin)
(702) 242-2244                         (702) 255-3055

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