2-Fight Sport Athlete

“2014 Special Achievement Award Presented to ANA JULATON: ¬†For being the only elite athlete competing at highest levels of both boxing and MMA” –Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

Ana Julaton Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame





Take away the fact that Bay Area resident Ana ‘The Hurricane’ Julaton is “the first Filipino-American boxer to win the Women’s WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight titles”, you see a young woman who is simply working with the certain gift she’s been given.

As a Boxer, Ana is determined, rough, and refuses to let anything get in her way. Outside of this life however, she is humble, polite, and generous despite any stereotype one may have in their head of a female boxer’s attitude.

When speaking with Ana about her profession, one can’t help but sense a hint of longing for something different. Though she has never shied away from showing her gratitude towards her abilities, training, health and triumphs, the fact is, pursuing a career in boxing was not her first choice. This, however, does not take anything away from her love and determination for the sport. If anything, these elements add to it.

In this generally male dominated sport, Ana Julaton stands her ground as a fitting and outstanding representative of not only Filipina women around the world, but female fighters or athletes of any culture anywhere.